How did Gorilla Todd Get Started?


Like many kids I loved cartoons. I spent many an early Saturday morning or afternoon after school enjoying all of my favorites. I specifically loved the action adventure genre. Before I could read I watched all of the old Marvel cartoons, Scooby-Doo, Battle of the Planets, Looney Toons and of course the Super Friends. These cartoons planted the seed for what became my lifelong obsession with comic books.

I can remember my Grandfather occasionally buying me comics even before I could read them. This is when the cover price was a mere 35 cents!!! Those books are lost to the ages. But fear not there are blue skies ahead! Fast forward to 3rd grade and one of those wonderful afternoons a commercial played on the TV that focused the course of my life. It was a commercial for the G.I. Joe comic and it showed a fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow!

This was the coolest thing that I have ever seen. I quickly remembered that there was a comic book stand in a flea market that my Mother frequented. The next time we visited that Flea Market I took some change I had saved and bought what I consider the very first comic book of my comic book collection, G.I. Joe #29 and while I have bought and sold many comics over the years I still have that book and most of my original G.I. Joe comics.

I took that book home and I read it and reread it so many times I lost count. Then fortune shined its bright light down upon me and a comic book store opened up 3 or 4 blocks from my house, and the rest as they say is history.

Start of Gorilla Comics

The seed of Gorilla Todd Comics was planted so many years earlier than it appeared. Like many collectors I loved collecting comics but I never had many friends that collected with the same enthusiasm. One day I discovered some comic videos on YouTube and I was hooked. I was watching with my buddy and he said you need a good name so I thought Gorilla Grood was always one of my favorite Flash villains and Todd and Grodd kind of rhyme so also Gorilla Todd Comics was born, first on YouTube, then Instagram, then well you get the idea.