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The World of Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 4

The World of Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 4

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FOC Date: 2024-06-03
Sale Date: 2024-09-03
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Media Rating: Rated T+
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Cover Artist:
Format: Trade Paperback
Series Number:

Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Eisner Award–winning Black Hammer superhero universe is given a closer look, with two complete series drawn by Tyler Crook and Tonci Zonjic!In Skulldigger, Spiral City finds itself trapped in a vicious cycle of crime, corruption, and violence. With the heart of the city at stake, a vigilante rises in Skulldigger. However, when the nefarious Grimjim escapes from prison, Skulldigger and his ward, Skeleton Boy, find themselves pitted against a truly deadly and unstoppable force. In The Unbelievable Unteens, artist Jane Ito finds herself visited by one of the characters from her own creation—but was it her own creation? Were the Unteens an actual school of teenaged misfit superheroes who battled supervillains under the lead of the mysterious Dr. Miles Moniker? And if so, who wiped their memories and why?  As Jane’s world is turned upside down and she learns the true nature of her identify she discovers a sinister plot leading her to assemble a team she had suspected was purely fictional.Collects Skulldigger and The Unbelievable Unteens in an affordable omnibus format!

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