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Death: At Death's Door (New Edition)

Death: At Death's Door (New Edition)

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FOC Date: 2024-06-03
Sale Date: 2024-08-27
Publisher: DC Comics
Media Rating: Rated T+
Writer: Jill Thompson
Cover Artist:
Format: Trade Paperback
Series Number:

Get ready for a manga makeover of the Sandman mythos, based on Neil Gaiman's Season of Mists storyline and featuring appearances by members of the Endless, the Sandman's uniquely dysfunctional family!Set during the legendary Season of Mists Sandman storyline, Death: At Death's Door reveals what Death and her sisters are up to when a tired Lucifer closed up hell, leaving its nastiest denizens free to vacate the premises. Unfortunately for Death, those suddenly homeless souls are drawn to her like moths to a flame, and they end up in her living room! Little sisters Delirium and Despair decide to throw a party for the dead which quickly gets out of control. It's up to Dream's older sister Death to figure out how to save the day and the afterlife--not to mention the carpet. Will the power of the ankh prevail?Written & illustrated by Eisner Award-winning artist Jill Thompson (The Sandman: Brief Lives, Scary Godmother) and printed in black-and-white with gray tones, this manga-style story is replete with family drama, strong interpersonal relationships, dramatic pacing, symbolism, and a cast of alluring characters with a flair for fashion.

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